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Boken the Dog: Keeping Kids Occupied this Christmas

There’s a new top dog on the kids’ cartoon circuit, and his name is Boken.

No, not Broken. Boken.

Boken, a Miniature Schnauzer from Spain, was introduced to the world in mid-March 2020, which, as we all know now, was around the time our lives got upended by a pandemic that’s still wreaking havoc across the globe.

So while it wasn’t an ideal time to launch a new concept, it proved to be a boon for adults seeking to keep their kids occupied in lockdown.

Boken’s website launched with two free e-books and audiobooks, and this was followed with all manner of complementary puzzles, games, spot-the-difference pictures and brain teasers.

Now the “little dog with the big heart” has added to his “Great Big Messy website” a host of fun Christmas activities for kids.

From creative crafting to mind-bending puzzles, colouring-in and even some easy recipes, there’s plenty to keep kids on Santa’s “nice” list in the run up to and throughout Christmas! Best of all, everything’s totally free – apart from a few cooking ingredients, of course.

Boken is the brainchild of Sara Mastriforte, whole real-life Miniature Schnauzer spawned the idea. Sara is supported by a network of freelancers including copywriters, illustrators, social media hotshots and her husband Neil, who is chief photographer and videographer.

“I am exceptionally lucky,” says Sara. “When the pandemic first hit, we could have delayed the launch, but we decided that maybe we could help kids get through this very scary and unsettling time for them.

“The whole team stepped up to the mark and before I knew it there were loads of ideas for free activities, concepts and finished downloads landing in my inbox ready to go on Boken’s website.”

To all the Dad Website kidlets out there, Sara is wishing you a wonderful Christmas – or as Boken would howl, ‘ARRRHHHOOOOO!’

Check out Boken’s dedicated Christmas page here.


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