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Introducing Codynamic

Codynamic, an educational startup with offices in Los Angeles and Moscow, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring its educational game to children and their parents.

The app, invented by Moscow-based father of two Max Voloshin, is intended to spark a child’s interest in science, coding and more through the use of a digital STEM program that teaches children about the digital world.

Voloshin came up with the idea while seeking new and educational ways to spend quality time with his kids. He soon came up with a program for children aged six to 10 — also the age of his children. The result was the building blocks of Codynamic.

The creators talked to more than 500 parents to learn what they wanted — and didn’t want — in an educational app. The Codynamic Kickstarter campaign will be used to fund the production of the core app. The game is designed for children of all skill levels and features a variety of lessons designed to bring kids and parents together.

With Codynamic, parents will receive a weekly summary of their child’s skills development, as well as some recommendations for alternative ways to unlock their full potential in a variety of areas.

“The mechanics will keep your child motivated to learn by playing,” Voloshin says. “We have spent time studying books, articles, educational resources, and other games to bring the perfect blend of mechanics and education. We believe Codynamic is getting closer to perfection with every update.”

The company is aiming to raise $30,000 by November and to release the first version of the game for iOS in December 2019. An Android version will follow in February 2020. Kickstarter rewards include access to the first four science quests and educational puzzles. More information on the campaign will be following shortly. Donations start with $5, with early pledgers given discounted access to the game.

The Codynamic team previously launched another product, Codewards, — an educational platform to teach programming and digital skills at schools in 18 countries (including Mexico, Russia, France, South Korea, and others). It has been used by over 50,000 kids, is partnered with LEGO Education in Russia, and hosted Hour of Code in Russia for over 10 million kids.


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