Our favourite ‘Monday to Sunday’ songs

The Best ‘Monday to Sunday’ Songs

As a parent of three young children, the distinction between weekdays and weekends that once punctuated my life is no longer relevant. Weekends are instead swamped by the demands of a trio of little princesses, and putting out spot fires such as who has control over the iPad, which Shopkins belong to whom, and encountering meltdowns over such large-scale matters as the size of the Freddo Frogs I brought home as a treat.

“Mine is too big!” the middle child wails. Beautiful stuff.

In TDBK – The Days Before Kids – each day of the week had a specific feel; the wincing and, at times, wallowing of Monday and Tuesday; the speed humps and pub trivia of Wednesday; the getting-there anticipation of Thursday; before Friday and Saturday bestowed a fallacy of freedom.

Sunday has always been a different beast. It’s a day of merriment for settled souls; for others, it can be a default of headaches and grey skies. Reality invariably bites on the last day of the week; it’s no wonder there have been so many memorable songs written about Sunday.

I started sketching out a list of ‘Monday to Sunday’ songs with a plan to whittle it down to 10. That proved too hard, so I went with 15. Here they are:

One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend) Wilco (2011)

2.  Friday On My Mind The Easybeats (1966)

3.  Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 (1983)

4.  Friday I’m In Love The Cure (1992)

5.  Wednesday Morning 3 A.M. Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

6.  Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground (1967)

7.  Monday
 Matt Corby (2015)

8.  Drive-In Saturday
 David Bowie (1973)

9.  Lazy Sunday 
Small Faces (1968)

10. Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
 Johnny Cash (1970)

11. Joe Harper Saturday Morning
 Van Morrison (1991)

12. Blue Monday
 New Order (1983)

13. Sunday
 Bloc Party (2007)

14. I Don’t Like Mondays
 The Boomtown Rats (1979)

Ruby Tuesday The Rolling Stones (1967)


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