You Don’t Have to Save the World: A Short Film With a Twist

“You don’t have to save the world… just be their world.”

That’s the overriding message Floridian filmmaker Kevin O’Brien wants viewers to take from his latest short film, You Don’t Have to Save the World. A three-minute “suspense thriller that celebrates fathers”, it’s nicely shot and edited, and like all good suspense thrillers, has an ingenious and rewarding twist in the tale.

A self-taught writer, director and producer who discovered a love for film in his 30s, O’Brien launched Journey Box Media with the promise of “creating films that move people to live better stories”. 

His feature film writing and directorial debut, At the End of the Day, won gongs at a string of film festivals across America in 2018 and Kevin has built up a fanbase in worship communities through his short films that explore empathy, justice and faith.

Prolific though he is in his work, home life is just as busy: he’s a dad to three 13-year-olds. No, he doesn’t have triplets; two of the children were adopted through separate families via the foster system. They just happen to all be born three months apart!

Now, on to You Don’t Have to Save the World. Give it a go, and stay with it to the end!

For more information on Kevin and his films, check out his website here or his Vimeo showcase page. You can follow Kevin on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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