Seriously Try-Hard Dad

Being a new dad can make you come to your senses; you are not the same person. Where you once a “go-with-the-flow” type of guy, being a dad now means you need to be more determined and focused than ever before.

I’m determined to become ‘more’ for my son and the family.

Having a blast with Akay

I have always been an active person; I like to have plenty of things to keep me occupied. And this has continued since my boy, Akay (Pronounced Akai, Turkish for ‘Bright Moon’) arrived and made us a family. I love exploring the outdoors with him: walking, swimming, going to the beach.

From day one I’ve also made videos pretending to be him and speaking in ‘Kiwi-tough’. From pooping every three days to learning how to roll, each video covers his journey. It’s meant to be funny with a hint of adult humour. One of my favourites features Akay going to emergency due to his penis infection; you can watch it here.

I believe that life should be fun and being a new dad should be fun. And I want to continue to create and capture memories of his journey into the world.

Becoming more for your loved ones

As a dad, I want to become more; to go further and exceed the expectations for my family.

I want to do more than nine to five, Monday to Friday. To do more, I have a business called Neptune Design that assists companies with digital marketing, graphics and website design. I perform my duties before and after work hours whenever I get the chance.

I spend some time with the family after work, give my son a bath and put him into bed, then I am free to go on with my work.  

What I do for my clients to continue with my journey

I love being a part of the digital space; it can provide so many opportunities for anyone who loves to write, share and generate extra income. Below are a few of my clients I currently assist in growing their business with digital marketing. I have several clients I personally look after for all things custom web design and digital, including:
Water Features R’ Us, Australia’s longest online water feature retailer
Water Features Galore, experienced water-feature producer
Trilogy Dance Company, a dance and performing arts school in northern Melbourne
Hire a Drone Operator, for CASA certified pilots and drone hire services
Aerial Photography Pro, a boutique aerial drone photography outfit
Good Mowing, a family lawn-mowing business based in northern Melbourne

Akay says, “Seriously dad, why are you trying so hard?”

I am pushing myself harder than ever before to build something great for my son and my family. We all need to try harder, set our goals and go for it.

I wish you all the best in achieving your goals for the family.


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