The Definitive Dad’s Breakfast

Good morning. How are you today? Fighting fit? Or just well enough to spoon your usual dull dish of cacky khaki chook-food into yourself and slope off to the bus-stop?

Man, it’s time you got some texture in your life. Some snap-crackle-and-crunch to kick off your day.

And here it is!

I’ve been doing this for decades but, in deference to this website, I’m calling it The Definitive Dad’s Breakfast.

Nutritionally, it probably has all the protein and vitamins you need to keep you firing ‘til lunchtime but I make it because I like it.

I like its looks. I like its taste. I even like the willy-nilly way it spills its bits and pieces in all directions. (It’s best to use a big plate.)

You will need:

Multi-grain bread, cut thick for toast;
Olive oil, preferably greenly virginal;
Promite (or Vegemite);
Bean shoots (I use Crunchy Combo from the supermarket);
Salt and pepper.

(These days I also add slices of tomato and any pickled veg I find in the fridge. The ones in the photo are cucumbers I pickled myself.) 

So. Toast two slices of bread. On these, pour over a generous amount of olive oil and let it soak in, spread thickly with Promite, sprinkle on a good handful of shoots – and, if you fancy, top with pickles and/or fresh tomato. A crunch or two of salt and pepper, and Roberto’s your uncle.

The Definitive Dad’s Breakfast.

Most definitely.



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