TechDen: Combating Device Dependency Across the World

Device dependency. It’s a real thing, and it’s hitting families hard. It seems like every other day we’re hearing the ominous results of another study or consequence linked to screentime, phone addiction and cyberbullying.

Perth father of two, entrepreneur and founder of TechDen, James Symons tells a familiar tale.

“As a dad, I became aware of how devices were taking over our family life. When parents try to manage screen time it can cause major conflict in the home. That was the case for me, my friends and nearly every single parent that I’ve spoken to.”

So, armed with a background in device management, he launched TechDen, an innovative charging and storage solution and app that helps parents manage screen time and reduce device distractions, and families to reconnect.

Symons says his plan was pretty clear from the outset. “Once I recognised the issue, I thought I could address the epidemic in a way that wasn’t available out there,” he says.

“I knew no magic pill will alleviate our responsibilities as parents, but how about a tool to address the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to solve this?”

Just seeing technology can be a temptation to use it.

— James Symons, dad of two and founder of TechDen

TechDen is the first company to offer a combination of both software and hardware. Using the app, parents create schedules to remotely lock and unlock the doors of The Den™ , set limits for device usage, create schedules for their kids, manage multiple devices and receive notifications about device removal and time usage.

When screen time is over, devices are simply stored, charged and locked in The Den until the next pre-determined session time begins. The Den encourages an “out of sight, out of mind” approach that establishes boundaries and creates a positive balance with technology.

Setting up is easy, as is pairing The Den with the app. And by locking devices away during bedtime it removes the potential for cyberbullying, which is at its peak at night.

Crucially, kids are involved in the conversation. “Children need, and want, proper boundaries,” Symons says. “When kids are involved with TechDen’s scheduling, they have emotional buy-in. So, they’re invested and naturally develop healthy habits. Clear usage boundaries become the norm.”

Symons says plans he’s looking at additional solutions to help create more responsibile digital citizens. “As parents, we’re taking kids along with us in our life journey. Without the right guidance, they’re losing a piece of the human development process.

“A key to life is balance, and TechDen helps foster that.”

TechDen is headquartered in Madison, Winconsin, USA and in Perth, Australia. It’s now available on Amazon. For more information on how TechDen works, click here, and FAQs are here.


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