Cloth vs Disposable Nappies

Cloth vs Disposable Nappies

When it comes to choosing between cloth and disposable nappies you’ll hear plenty of sound, rational and impassioned arguments for both.

In reality, the choice is easy. Get both. Just use them for different things.

For wees and poos go with the disposable option. For everything else in your life get yourself a 10-pack of cloth nappies.

Yes, disposable nappies are bad for the environment but when your baby’s got gastro you’ll be grateful for the speed and convenience of the disposable. That’s not to say you should forget about cloth nappies completely. They’re brilliant. Just don’t use them as a nappy.

Use them on the change table so your baby doesn’t get cold. Use them to protect your clothes when you’re burping your baby. Use them on the ground as a mat for your kid to lie on. Use them to wipe up vomit and other hazardous spillages. Use them to protect your couch, your bed and anything else you don’t want to have permanently tarnished with the stench of up-chuck.

Then, when your kid grows up a bit, you can stick them in the shed, use them on the car and clean your golf clubs with them. Contrary to what my wife thinks, you cannot have too many cloth nappies.

When choosing disposable nappies for the wee and poo bit, you usually get what you pay for. The cheaper ones won’t usually last as long or absorb as much. One handy tip is to use cheaper ones during the day and the more expensive ones during the night when they’ll be wearing them longer.



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