top five movie dads

Our Top Five Movie Dads

Scriptwriters haven’t always depicted dads in the best light. Many big-screen dads are shambolic, self-harming, or distant. But there’s been some rippers scattered throughout movie history. We’ve chosen five of our favourites, using a broad brush of criteria that includes advice dispensed, acts of love, strength in adversity, fun and, of course, one-liners.

5. Mac McGuff, J.K. Simmons, Juno

As a father of three girls I’m prone to denial. You know: “They’re only seven, five and three; the days of puberty and courting boys and all that jazz is years away yet!”

Of course, the reality is different. At the rate they’re shooting up – I can already see my eldest, who’s had a couple of recent growth spurts, as a teenager – the potential for a reincarnation of what happens in Juno isn’t far away at all.

How would I react if one of them came home from high school and told me she was pregnant? Well, probably not well. I don’t think many men would. But then there’s not many men like 16-year-old Juno’s dad, Mac McGuff. His initial shock and anger subsides quickly to acceptance and concern, with a decent spoonful of dry wit thrown in. Great dad; hugely rewarding movie.

The best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are…

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