Growing Your Best Beard

Growing the perfect beard can be tough and time-consuming. It requires patience and a genuine understanding of the end-goal; being the right beard rather than the best. With the right tools and a proper understanding of how to tame and look after your beard, you’ll be able to grow your best beard in no time.

So, Why Grow a Beard?

Men have grown full beards since the Middle Ages as a symbol of maturity, expertise, knowledge and a way of setting themselves apart from the rest of the male population. Beards have changed drastically over the past 200 years from the chin curtain beards and moustaches to the full, groomed beards adopted by celebrities and hipsters today.

There are several reasons why men grow a beard, whether it is to follow fashion trends, religious reasons, charity purposes, attract a mate or simply shape one’s jawline. Thus, a beard is not just a cool facial accessory, they are a way of life. In fact, beards are capable of blocking out 95 per cent of UV rays and reduce the effects of allergies and hay fever.

Patience Is a Virtue

The first step to growing your best beard is being patient; your best beard won’t grow instantly and it will develop at a different rate for everyone depending on your genetics and testosterone levels. The average beard takes around 30 days to grow just half an inch so commitment and perseverance are key. Be warned: the initial weeks of beard development go hand-in-hand with itchiness and mild discomfort. And while it may be tempting to trim or shave during this time, you will only be making the process slower and increasing the future patchiness of your beard.

Healthy Life, Healthy Beard

For the best beard, It is crucial you maintain a diet of high in protein foods, carbohydrates and healthy fats to boost the growth of facial hair. Some key foods to grow your best beard are sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach and oysters. It also helps to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Lastly, stress harms hair growth so getting a bit more exercise a good night’s rest can lower your stress, thus increasing the volume of your new jaw-mane.

Trim and Snip

Maintenance is essential to growing an epic beard. By using a razor and shaving cream to clean up random neck hairs, then followed by trimming, you’ll be stimulating the follicles. Be mindful not to trim too close, or risk harming the beard’s overall structure. By forming an L shape with your thumb and index finger and placing your thumb on your neck beneath your head, hair that falls below the thumb can be trimmed. For a more precise trim, use facial hair scissors and a beard comb but always remember that less is always more.

Cleanse Away The Bad

By cleaning your beard routinely morning and night, your beard will feel refreshed and your skin beneath will be cleaned. Clean facial skin encourages tiny hairs to grow and removes dirt allowing you to achieve your best beard. Use a good beard oil in conjunction with a beard balm to condition and style your beard at the same time, making sure it stays healthy-looking and dandruff-free.

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