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The Best Thing Since… Sliced Bread

Father-of-two Adam Perry has an ingenious method for getting his youngest daughter Scarlett, who has severe food allergies, to enjoy her breakfast more.

Each morning the professional musician (among various projects he’s the drummer for Pennsylvanian rock outfit The Bloodhound Gang, best known for the singles “Fire Water Burn“, “The Bad Touch” and “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo“) prepares breakfast for the family. Mindful of Scarlett’s strict breakfast regime – white bread with a specific sunflower oil spread – he struck on the idea to liven things up with toast sculptures.

Perry’s ritual is closing in on the 300-day mark and he is planning a “year in toast” coffee-table book once he reaches 365 days. “I decided to open an Instagram account, dedicated to toast, just for fun, and vowed to my kids that I’d create something out of toast every morning for at least a year to make them smile, and that’s how it started!” he says.

He often gets his ideas – which take as long to make as it takes for the kettle to boil – from wife Helen and his children. “It’s got to the stage now where I start stressing at night about what I’m going to make in the morning, and can’t sleep. Often when I pop the toast down in the toaster, I still don’t have any idea what I’m going to create, but by the time the toast pops up, I’ve usually got something in mind. But more often than not, it’s my wife and kids that help with the ideas.”

And the ideas themselves? “I’ve tried to keep it irreverent and fun, and [covering] a wide range of interests. Sometimes I’ll do something that’s current or in the news, but more often than not it’s just a reflection of what’s going on in our little bubble.”

Check out Perry’s awe-inspiring creations, all made from just two slices of toast, here.

Feeling inadequate, anyone?


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