Be a Buddy for Kids with Cancer During the Pandemic

Almost 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia. As a result of the global pandemic, many of these children are having to undergo treatment without the support of their loved ones.

To mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September 1 to 30), Cure Cancer have unveiled ‘The Buddy Box’: a fun and interactive gift box filled with items to help put a smile on the face of a child undergoing cancer treatment.

Produced in consultation with children’s hospitals and cancer treatment centres across Australia, all profits from the Buddy Boxes will be invested back into lifesaving cancer research.

Working with an array of partners including LEGO, The Happy Snack Company, Annabel Trends, Head & Heart Mindfulness, It’s About Us, Laree Watson Art, Super Max and Bryce and delivery partner TOLL, The Buddy Box considers a young cancer patient’s specific needs during treatment. Indeed, the boxes include practical items such as water bottles to stay hydrated and cosy bed socks for overnight hospital stays, as well as games and toys to help take their minds off gruelling therapy rounds.

From risks to compromised immune systems to restrictions on visits from loved ones, the global pandemic is proving expecially difficult for kids with cancer, says Cure Cancer CEO Nikki Kinloch.

“The restrictions around visitors as a result of COVID-19 mean so many children with cancer are being forced apart from their loved ones and wider support networks,” she says.

“We really need everyone to rally behind us and donate to the Buddy Box so that we can support these families at a time when they need it most.”

Supporters can make a donation via the Cure Cancer website to ‘sponsor’ a box, and the Buddy Box will then be allocated to a young cancer patient currently undergoing treatment.

Justine Cullen, Buddy Box ambassador, says every little bit of cheer helps children. “As a parent, I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be separated from your child during cancer treatment.

“The Buddy Box is designed to support kids through a challenging time and put smiles on their faces, and all the money raised goes towards life-saving cancer research. Gifting one to a child in need is an amazing way to show you care.”


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