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Word Scramble Fun With Education.com

Founded in 2006, Education.com is a great resource for involved parents and teachers, with online activities for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

The site is loaded with interactive games, lessons, songs, stories, informative articles, exercises, worksheets and a section devoted to equipping teachers with the tools to make their classroom lessons more engaging.

In collaboration with Education.com, The Dad Website will post regular articles – complete with fun activities – to help inspire parents, educators and children.

First up, unscramble frozen brains as your kids try to figure out this word scramble! (Simply download and print both pages.)





















For more engaging spelling activities, go to Education.com!

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  1. Avyanna

    This free printable quarantine word search for kids is a fun activity to keep them busy and to also help with conversations about ways to stay safe.

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