Be Spunki’s Top 10 tips to optimise your male hormones

Be Spunki’s Top 10 Tips to Optimise Your Male Hormones

First things first.

Let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Shaun.

If you’re like me and most guys I know, you’re time-poor and don’t have the space to sit down and research things.

If you’re like me, over the years, you have looked back at all the things you purchased, with the promise they would make your life better – only to be let down.

If you’re like me, as you get older, it takes you a little longer to recover from exercise or get out of bed.

Instead of moaning, I decided to take control of my life, and do something about it.

So what did I change? And how can I help you optimise your male hormones?

Life can be seductive sometimes, with choices seemingly good at the time, but the impact on your male health may be hidden, or creep up slowly.

Modern day life is not designed to support you in being the best you can be – in fact, it’s now more common than not, that the male of today isn’t what his grandfather used to be.

Our desire at Be Spunki is to educate and inform so that you can experience for yourself, what works best for you.

The following top 10 tips are what we have found helps optimise, amplify and intensify masculinity. 

  1. Avoid soy products at all cost.
  2. Avoid simple refined sugars.
  3. Minimise your beer intake.
  4. Get out in the sun (responsibly).
  5. Relax. Have sex, do yoga, meditate, get out in nature.
  6. Move your body for at least 30 minutes each day; eg. lifting weights, HIIT training, walking, yoga.
  7. Include long-term fasting (72 hours is all you need) as part of your seasonal routine.
  8. Eat at least one serving of cruciferous vegetables each day; e.g. broccoli, sauerkraut, brussel sprouts.
  9. Increase your uptake of healthy saturated fats. e.g. organic macadamia nut oil, Brazil nuts, tiger nuts, organic free-range eggs.
  10. Don’t drink unfiltered water from the tap or a plastic bottle. Buy a quality water filter for the home, and a stainless steel bottle for when out.

One last tip: swap your personal care products to natural and organic with no known endocrine disruptors.


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