Four Ways to Take Your Dad Style to the Next Level

Being a dad doesn’t mean you can’t have style anymore. While your priorities may have changed, and you become more mature, your late 30s and 40s are some of the best years for men’s style. You get to show your refined and sophisticated style, and can start looking at comfort pieces as well. You also don’t need to care about trends as much, as the classics will start to look great on you.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to take your dad style to the next level.

Learn How to Layer

Layering is one of the things you’ll need to start learning as a man. This is what will give you that rugged, yet polished style that so many try to nail. One of the things you have to understand about layering is that it needs to make sense as well, not just layered for the sake of. Every piece you’re wearing should be able to be paired with each other, and should each serve a purpose.

You also have to understand how to layer different patterns and colors. As a rule, you want to go from the lightest to the busiest pattern in any direction. You also want to layer your colors along a gradient.

Go for Classic Brands

As you advance in age, you may also want to switch your brands, and start looking at classics like Burberry for instance. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though. Burberry has all sorts of different looks you can choose from as well as some classic items like their iconic trench coats. If you don’t know where to look, you can check out those Burberry’s pieces for men from SSENSE. They have one of the largest selections of Burberry items online, and have a solid reputation for great service.

It’s important that you know your size and respect it…

Make Your Wardrobe Interchangeable

As you grow, you will also need some convenience as you may not have as much time to mix and match outfits all the time. So you want to invest in essentials that will be easily pairable with other things you may have. You want a jacket that will work with pretty much every item you have, trousers that can be paired with every shirt, and classic shoes that will always be in style.

Respect Your Size

Also, it’s important that you know your size and respect it. You shouldn’t try to fit into younger styles if the fit isn’t right, and you can loosen things up while still fitting well. You should also avoid anything that’s skinny, and go for straight, high-waisted denim instead.

Being a fashionable dad is something anyone can do if they learn how to follow the rules. If you apply the few tricks we’ve just given you, you’ll be able to look better now that you’ve ever been in your life.

Ella Woodward is a lifestyle blogger who has written for a range of parenting and education publications. 


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