Digesting Daddy’s Digest

Headquartered in India, Daddy’s Digest is a website, video and audio channel that focuses on all things fatherhood and family.

Launched in April 2018 by Dubai-based digital media strategist and dad Vickram Agarwal and writer and aspiring cartoonist Meshach Thomas, the brand has hit the ground running in extraordinary fashion, garnering more than 700,000 (yes, 700,000) Facebook followers and boasting a reach of around five million people per month.

The website offers parental advice, opinions and stories from a range of people, including writers and journalists and consultants. In the words of Vickram: “It’s a growing community and we’re really proud that the word is spreading far and wide.”

We thought we’d jump aboard the DD train and grab Vickram for a little more backstory.

Daddy’s Digest: the whys and hows 

“The website, like websites tend to do, took time to perform to our desired level of satisfaction. We have a few hundred thousand users a month now which is validating our efforts and on social media we perform incredibly.

“Our main aim is to aid the shifting paradigm of family and parenting in our key markets. A paradigm shift is by its very nature an uphill journey and we prepared ourselves for it to take time. Every day we are a step closer.”

The ‘Dads in Focus’ series

“In month two we released our first episode of Dads in Focus. The subject of the video (Mr Swami, based in India) won hearts around the world and in less than 48 hours a fundraiser was initiated in Canada. Enough money was raised to help send Swami’s daughter to teacher’s college and get emergency heart surgery done for his ailing father. Our intention was to tell a story, and it spun off into something bigger and more beautiful, something that can be credited to DD. This is just one of many examples.”

‘Mr. Mum’: the catalyst for DD

“A favourite article? It would have to be Mr Mum. This was the first thing I wrote in my life. After I finished writing it, I realised that the world looks at male parents through a very narrow lens and I wanted to do something about it. That’s when I came up with the idea for Daddy’s Digest.”

Modern fatherhood

“The modern dad wants to be more involved. The modern dad wants to take better co-parenting decisions and be a positive role model. This isn’t a generalised statement, and there are exceptions, but we can see the shift. 

Male parents do have a different style of parenting from female parents and their involvement in all aspects of their child’s life is critical. And because they have a different style, and must be involved, we at Daddy’s Digest are trying to fill the void of information and resources that talks specifically to dads.”

I realised that the world looks at male parents through a very narrow lens and I wanted to do something about it

– Vickram Agarwal

Modern parenthood

“In most cases – we must account for those where there has been an unfortunate circumstance – a child is born to two parents. A mother and father. Two fathers. Two mothers. It’s always a pair. Equal, balanced involvement by both parents is important to givechildren a strong foundation.

“Highlighting just the role of a dad – or a mum – places too much importance on the gender of the parent rather than on the simple fact that if you are a parent, you need to be involved. Plain and simple. It also doesn’t account for families that have two fathers or two mothers, making them look incomplete in some way.”

The opportunity to parent is the greatest thing that ever happened to you

“Of this there should be no doubt. There should be nothing and no one more important – spouses and partners being the exception – than the relationship with your child.”

Heart Talks time: five things my daughter should know by the time she turns 18

  1. That they are loved, and always have been over and above everything and everyone else.
  2. That they are good enough and do not need external validation to define themselves.
  3. Kindness and empathy go a long way in making the world a better place.
  4. Happiness must always be the goal.
  5. A bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich is the greatest.

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