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Is Whisky and Chocolate a Good Combo?

They’re outstanding delicacies in their own right, but can chocolate and whisky pair together in perfect harmony?

Yes, according to Matty Follent, whisky connosiour and brand ambassador for Starward, the Melbourne-based distillery that has charmed the whisky world with its fun approach, affordability and wine-barrelled taste.

“Whisky and chocolate can be an enjoyable post-dinner delight whilst refreshingly complementing each other’s characteristics,” Follent says.

Aside from a traditional neat serve, whisky can be incorporated with chocolate in subtle ways, whether it’s through cocktails or food. With the help of our friends at Starward, here are five decadent chocolate and whisky pairings.

Starward Nova Whisky x Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa

Starward Nova is an award-winning single malt whisky that’s smooth, yet complex and works exceptionally well when paired with food. Whilst great on its own, chocolate is Nova’s perfect companion, in particular a full-bodied dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. The sweet and bitter flavours of this type of chocolate complement Starward Nova perfectly, evoking a superior taste experience. Starward Nova retails at $96.

Bottled whisky cocktails x Citrus infused White Chocolate

Isolation is as good an excuse as any to whip up your favourite boozy delights. Starward are keeping it simple this Easter with its (new) Old Fashioned bottled cocktail. This drink celebrates Australia, with whisky that’s matured in red wine barrels, a native blend of wattleseed and orange bitters and fortified demerara syrup leaving a perfect mellow balance of spice, with just a hint of sweetness. Pour this over ice with a twist of orange, and enjoy alongside your Easter lunch or citrus-infused white chocolate!

Creamy cocktails with shavings of chocolate

Not an avid chocoholic, but love a dose of sweetness? Then you will love this ‘Espresso (not) Martini’. Recipe: Pour 45ml of Two-Fold Double Grain whisky, 30ml of cold brew coffee and 20 ml of batch syrup into a shaker. Add 10ml of maple syrup, a pinch of salt and between 5ml and 15ml amaro if you have it. An alternative to cold brew coffee would be a shot of any form of coffee you can provide. Add ice to the shaker, shake vigorously and strain into a glass. Grate your favourite chocolate on top and VOILA!

Refreshing Two-Fold & Tonic paired with Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel

The latest spin on the classic G&T, Two-Fold and Tonic is a great duo for an Easter treat. Whilst there is little to fault on chocolate, too much can definitely leave you parched. Starward’s Two-Fold and Tonic pairs sensationally with sea salt and caramel milk chocolate; the whisky warmth melting away the sticky sensation, and the tonic acting as a palate cleanser.

Chocolate whisky brownies or truffles

If you’re not a huge drinker and prefer using your spirits in the kitchen rather than in cocktails, whisky brownies or whisky truffles are worth a go. There are plenty of recipes online guaranteed to trump rum balls!

Established by David Vitale in 2009, Starward is an Australian whisky distillery with a worldwide following. Its range can be found at all the major booze and supermarket chains, and retails from $65 to $100.


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