Underwear Outfit Puts the Saxx in the Snip

The pursuit of nobility aside, there’s nothing pleasant about getting the snip. It hurts and, despite the possibility of reversal, there’s a finality to it that puts many blokes on edge.

Creature comforts are needed after such a delicate operation – like hours upon hours of weekend of college basketball on the TV.

It gives rise (hmmm) to a trend observed by US urologists in recent years – that vasectomies are carried out in March at a rate of 30% or more than in any month. And this trend all has to do with the “NCAA March Madness” college basketball tournament that kicks off this week.

To coincide with the usual surge in operations – and the trade-off of “guilt-free, unlimited and uninterrupted couch time which watching the basketball – an American underwear company have created the world’s first vasectomy registry.

SAXX Underwear, creators of the friction-free BallPark Pouch™, say the registry – in which friends and family can treat V-patients with SAXX underwear, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies and other loungewear so they can recover in comfort – is about providing another level of comfort to the soon-to-be-snipped.

“We’re obsessed with providing men with the most comfortable underwear for their manhood, and comfort is as important as ever while recovering from a vasectomy,” said Wendy Bennison, Chief Executive Officer, SAXX.

“We’re always looking for disruptive ways to insert SAXX into cultural conversations, so the fact that March is one of the most popular times of year to get a vasectomy presented us with the perfect moment to launch the VaSAXXtomy Registry.”

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