Kidsbook: Combating Kid Boredom, One Activity at a Time

​​​​​​​“I’m so bored.”

In these lockdown-addled times, it’s the new “Are we there yet?” (If only those of us in Victoria and New South Wales were able to drive far enough to bring on that common kid utterance.)​​​​​​​

If you’re a parent seeking to banish the boredom – and you’ve run out of ideas to keep your kids entertained – online marketplace Kidsbook have some pretty cool online activities available through their ‘Activitiy Festival’, which ranges from science and surfing, to yoga and art, catered to all age groups.

Kidsbook is an Australian online marketplace for parents and children that was borne out of a real-world frustration.

“After becoming a stay-at-home dad I really struggled with one thing: I couldn’t nail the school holiday activities, even though I gave it a good go,” recalls founder and Australian entrepreneur David Vitek.

Noting the number of group chats on the go that tried – and largely failed – to coordinate coordinate kids’ activities across multiple providers, David wished for something simpler and less fragmented.

“Basically, a single portal that lists all kid’s activities in one place, where you can easily browse, book and pay for an activity – without the the hassle of going through several providers,” he says.

And with that – and a lot of work, of course – Kidsbook was born.

Their ‘Kidsbook Free Activity Festival’ runs until next Friday, 3 September. Check out all of the (free!) activities here.

You can also enter the draw to win a $1000 Kidsbook Activity Bundle. It includes a Softlite Surfboard, a Yoga Pack, a Virtual Kids Disco Party, Cartooning Art Classes and a Spark Discovery Box for budding scientists. Sign up here.


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