‘Kitchen in a Backpack’ Cooks Up Worldwide Interest

We don’t always say yes to plugging products here at The Dad Website. But recently something hit the editor’s desk – that is, his smartphone – with the tagline ‘Kitchen in a Backpack’. We had to know more.

The Aquaforno is a lightweight, all-in-one barbeque grill, rotisserie, smoker, pizza oven, water boiler, body warmer and even a clothes dryer. It assembles from a backpack in just a few minutes and can be packed away just as efficiently.

The concept is the brainchild of Reading (UK) couple Tim Rhodes and Karen Jenkins. Tasked with feeding many hungry mouths for their daughter’s 13th birthday ‘camping-party’, Tim conjured a “rudimentary pizza oven”; later that night, once the kids were fed, watered and in bed (although, naturally, not asleep) they sat around the heat-giving contraption and the idea – and potential of – an “an outdoor oven in a bag” started to crystallise.

The original Aquaforno has enjoyed worldwide success over the past seven years, particularly in Australia, where “pop-up camping” is embraced, and it won ‘Camping Product of the Year’ at last year’s UK Outdoor Industry Awards. “People are keen to buy into the idea of lifestyle enhancing products. The essence of the Aquaforno is that it can fit into anyone’s lifestyle who enjoys great food and the great outdoors,” Tim says.

Now, the successfully-crowdfunded Aquaforno II is set to launch. The latest model promises even more versatility for campers and glampers, families, adventurers, scout groups, barbecue fans and gadget lovers, adding a split-level grill, rotisserie, smoking hangers and a double insulated lid to the original concept’s feature set.

“Aquaforno II is designed to bring people together outdoors,” says Tim. “Whether you’re at a camping site, on the beach, on a fishing expedition or in the back yard, it can easily go where you go, and caters to all your needs.”

To learn more about the Aquaforno II and how you can pre-order and get involved in crowdfunding it, click here. You can follow Aquaforno on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.


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