‘Parma for a Farmer’ to Run Across Australia Again in 2019

Following a hugely successful 2018 debut, the Australia-wide ‘Parma for Farmer’ campaign is being run again in 2019 to even greater ambition.

The brainchild of Amanda Kinross from Bendigo, Victoria, the campaign invites pubs, eateries and restaurants across the nation to register and donate a dollar amount from each serving of the Australian pub staple. Venues can choose what time of year they fundraise, and for how long.

Funds raised are donated to Rural Aid to assist rural communities impacted by natural disasters, such as the devastating drought being felt across much of Eastern Australia.

After 1,560 venues raised $1 million for Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale campaign on the back of a Facebook post by Amanda that went viral in 2018, the goal this year is $1.5 million across 3,000 venues. Registrations across four states have already started to flow in.

Jacinta Atkins from Melbourne’s Transport Public Bar has pledged her support. “It’s important for people in the city to recognise what our country farmers are going through and raise awareness for them, as they keep us in business with the supply of their produce – including the chicken for our parmas!”

She continues: “Everyone loves a parma and now you can enjoy one even more than usual, knowing you are raising money to support those who keep us fed.”

Christine McAuliffe from The Highway in Adelaide will reprise their 2018 support. “We decided to be involved again because The Highway has always prided themselves on using local, fresh produce – for food and wine. Obviously for this to occur we rely heavily on our farmers, and without them, we can’t produce the same quality of food.

“It’s a great concept, and we have found it’s a perfect, easy, ’no-brainer’ way for city folk to support our farmers”.

Rural Aid was founded in 2015 to provide holistic support to rural Australia. Its CEO, Charles Alder, says: “Sadly the drought hasn’t broken so Rural Aid have decided to continue the Parma for a Farmer campaign and build on the success with some added incentives and opportunities for engagement.”

This year a new campaign website has been launched, while a new diner competition will see one parma eater win dinner for themselves and 19 friends. The highest earning venues from each state will win an award.

To register, click here.

Feature image: Luca Holland from campaign supporter Dicky Beach Surf Club in Queensland, and the venue’s parma.


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