Step Into Spring With This Trio of Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s been a long few years with lockdowns and working from home and all that jazz. And it’s also been – as it always tends to be – a long winter here in Melbourne.

But now that the world has seemingly fully come to life again, many of us need some dusting off. A cleansing of the cobwebs, internally and externally, before re-entering the fold.

In Australia, spring arrives at the same time as Fathers’ Day. What that means for many men is that it’s time to banish those trackies and head rugs and freshen up their look.

Our friends at Trendhim have helped us out with some quality, wallet-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas that will bring a smile to the dial of your dad, or the father of your babies, and have him stepping into spring in style.

Giotto Olive Green Moda Bucket Hat

This Italian-made pure cotton bucket hat brings to mind late-1980s Stone Roses, sans the water design and orange slices. It’s a simple and straightforward creation – but the sort of look that’ll have your friends commenting – and so comfortable you’ll forget it’s on your head. Made for sipping Peronis by the beach, it easily folds for travel in a bag or even your back pocket.

Westley Black Vista Sunglasses

The world ebbs and flows, and looks come and go, but simple – when it really comes to it – is best. These sunnies of Danish design ooze class – they’re stylish without being showy, and they do the job of keeping you UVA and UVB protected while looking ultra-cool… effortlessly. A drawstring pouch and gift box add the finishing touches. Now, to pack the esky and picnic hamper…

Proraso Sandalwood & Shea Butter Aftershave

Enriched with shea butter that’s designed to “soften the skin and bring back its natural elasticity” this sandalwood-infused aftershave combines an old-school masculinity with the invigorating, awakening scent of sandalwood. New season, new smell, and all that. Splash a bit on to your newly shaved or hair-rugged face and let the night take care of itself.


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