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Xmas Party In a Box: The Best Party You’ve Never Been To

2020, eh? Here in Melbourne – like most of the world – it’s been a year of “No”s.

No visiting mates or family.

No going to the pub. No gigs.

No going into the office.

No school. No playdates. And, for a long time, no parks.

And now as we wind up this crazy year, no work Christmas party.

But a new start-up out of Melbourne can at least help with the latter.

Friends of The Dad Website, Xmas Party in a Box is the brainchild of a some local professionals and parents determined not to let the pandemic mothball the work Christmas party, in a year when people need it most.

Like the name suggests, Xmas Party in a Box brings together all you need to throw a virtual party, including locally sourced cocktails and beers, gourmet snacks, party props and custom-designed virtual party backdrops.

The concept is also an opportunity to support local bars, businesses and live performers hit hard by COVID restrictions.

Organisations can choose from a long list of Aussie performers to “drop in” and entertain their staff, including some of the biggest names in Australian music and comedy, from Barnsey to Hamish Blake, as well as corporate and motivational speakers.

Independent food and drink labels take in the breadth of the country, including Gold Coast brewer Balter, Hobartian craft distiller Taylor & Smith, Australia’s most awarded distillery in Archie Rose, Sydney-based cotton candy merchants Fluffe and central Victorian confectioner Bendigo Brittle.

There are three virtual party themes, including “Cocktail Party”, “G&T Time” and “Garden Party”, with a total of nine boxes to choose from, including non-alcoholic options.

“It’s been an enormously challenging year for everyone and employees have done an extraordinary job of meeting deadlines and targets and basically getting on with the job, all the while working out of their bedrooms and kitchens, often with children under their feet or cats on their laps,” says co-founder and mother of two Rachel Wells.

“A lot of people we know have also really missed the camaraderie of their colleagues and the social aspect of going to work. This gives businesses the opportunity to bring their team together and create a really fun party atmosphere.

“All they have to do is invite their team to meet online and we do the rest.”

Prices start at $75, plus $5 delivery per box, delivered to every staff member’s door. For more information visit their website or email party@xmaspartyinabox.com.


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