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Modern-Day Life Has Rendered Us ‘Lesser’ Men than Our Forefathers, But There’s Hope

Modern day life is not designed to support you in being the best you can be – in fact, it’s now more common than not, that the male of today isn’t what his grandfather used to be.

A recent New York Times article makes it clear that we aren’t what our founding fathers were, as our sperm count and sperm quality are declining rapidly, and our testosterone levels (on average) are also much lower than those of our grandfathers at the same age.

Worrying, to say the least, but there is hope.

To acknowledge an issue is the beginning of being able to resolve it.

If you are like I used to be, with thoughts of “Of course this doesn’t relate to me, there’s nothing wrong with my manhood!”, well, good luck. What if it’s not about being wrong, but about being the best you can be, in daily life?

Every day we are subjected to environmental toxins that do nothing to support our masculinity.

It’s a proven fact that things like soy milk in your latte, beer on the weekend, and plastic bottled water will all have a massive effect on your testosterone/estrogen level balance.

Add to that, hidden hormone contamination in dairy products, meat and fish, then most of the “man food” we eat, is actually supporting a decline in our male hormones, as the hidden hormones in them disrupt our natural production. And remember, that stress kills off testosterone, increasing the risk of diabetes, whilst helping us to gain a few pounds around the mid-rift! Cortisol is a manhood killer. And who isn’t stressed in this day and age?


Do we go off to a mountaintop and escape all this! Hell no. We are here to thrive, and thrive we can, with some simple changes in what we choose.

For example:

Love coffee? Choose a good organic Aussie coffee brand and avoid the toxic weedkiller residues.

Milk? Go organic, or even better, try macadamia or hemp ‘mylk’. Not only does it taste good, but the fats in it will support testosterone production at the same time.

Beer? Ah well, just know that hops in beer are one of the most estrogenic foods, and brewers’ droop is a real ailment! Why not be a Viking, and try Mead (traditional beer), or an organic Aussie red wine.

Post-workout meals? Ditch the post-workout whey protein (originally a waste product from the dairy industry) and swap it for something that will enhance your post-workout, rather than cut off testosterone production.

Hydration? Avoid plastic containers at all cost. BPA in plastic is a known hormone disruptor, and water stored in plastic bottles contains xenophobia-estrogens. Get a good quality stainless steel bottle and good quality water filter for home. This helps you feel better, and save money at the same time!

Be careful of personal care products, as the toxins in these do nothing to help the body optimise male hormones.

Sadly, we cannot avoid all toxins, as we live in a world full of them, so make sure you detox your body on a regular basis. Add to that, strengthen your liver and improve gut health, so the body can eliminate the toxins quickly, and really allow you to be the best you can be in this world.

Shaun Sargent is the founder of Bespunki, an Australian upstart that helps men be the best they can be. Try their latest product, RECOVER, which helps after a big workout, or a big night on the town.


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