Since going live in December 2016, we’ve grown rapidly, with contributors and interviewees from all over the world (including high-profile Australian dads Hamish Blake and Wayne Schwass) and collaborations linked to such initiatives as Men’s Health Week and Movember.

In September 2017 we were ranked at No.59 globally – and No.3 in Australia – in Feedspot’s Top 100 Father Blogs and Websites For Dads. Across our three social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – we’re fast approaching 8000 followers; an upward trend mirrored by our monthly traffic numbers.

While parenthood’s ups and downs is our chief source of content, we’ve also got a wide content mix that takes in – and is by no means limited to – food and drink, sport, fashion, mental health, cars, music, travel, relationships, education and men’s accessories.

We’re loving the journey and look forward to continuing to provide entertaining and informative content. If you’re a dad (or mum) with a story to tell, or a blogger or business who would like to collaborate in some way, we’d love to hear from you. We are also open to advertising and sponsorship collaborations. Please reach out to us at

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