Dispelling the ‘Mr. Mom’ Myth

The Myth of Mr. Mom helped put stay-at-home dads on the map when it was first published in 2011.  

The brainchild of Jeremy Rodden (and co-authored by seven other SAHDs in Sonny Lemmons, Christian Jensen, Shawn Scarber, Toby Tate, Leo Dee, Charlie Andrews and Gerhi Feuren), the collaborative essay anthology peaked at No.1 in Amazon‘s fatherhood category and gave voice to a growing social group. While all eight men have unique voices and different takes on how to tackle life as “Mr. Mom”, all were chasing a similar goal that seems more gettable in 2017: acceptance.

Rodden, who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife, an emergency physician, and three sons (Drake, 12, Gavin, 7, and Quinn, 2), has now been a stay-at-home-dad for more than seven years. The Dad Website sat down with him for some recollections on the project; continued life as a SAHD; and the ever-moving goalposts for SAHDs and fatherhood in general.

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