Man cocktail

The Mission Man Cocktail

There are innumerable cocktails an exhausted parent can whip up at home to bring in the weekend (or crank up an otherwise dull Monday night!), but The Mission Man, the deliciously smooth wind-downer, is our favourite.

The pre-drink preparation is by far the most time-consuming part but, in the words of Ryan Agar, co-owner of Mrs Hopper (the brand-spanking St Kilda bar which features the cocktail on its Spring menu), “it’s oh-so-worth-it”.


Drain a small jar of maraschino cherries and then cover them with brandy.  “These little guys’ll make a great addition to the household bar and will continue to pay dividends for drinks to come,” says Agar.


45ml of your favourite American Rye Whiskey. (Agar: “We use Rittenhouse at Mrs Hopper but Michter’s Single Barrel would be in our death-row Mission Man.”)
10ml Green Chartreuse
A single brandy-soaked cherry


Wait until just after your kid or kids’ bedtime, stir whiskey and Chartreuse over ice, double-strain into your favourite glass, drop in your cherry. Sit back, relax. Enjoy.

The Mission Man.

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