4 Pines Kolsch

Prof’s Point of Brew: 4 Pines Kolsch

“So, I’m ready to take a serious look at this whole ‘craft beer’ thing and try something different. What should I go for first?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, fellow dads! Here’s my take on 4 Pines Kolsch, a beer that might be a good starting point for those keen to move on from the mainstream.

The beer.
First off, a Kolsch is simply a ‘beer brewed in the German town of Koln’ (Cologne to us) or, even more simply, a German Golden Ale. Yes, it’s an ale, but it’s brewed at lower temperatures, giving it a lager-like personality with a little more flavour.

The style.
This one is light in colour but with simple flavour notes of light maltiness and a bit of lemon and lime in the aroma. It’s a cracking interpretation of a style suited perfectly to our climate and drinking trends: clean and unchallenging but at the same time fulfilling on the palate. If you like a Corona or Pure Blonde-style of beer but feel a bit let down, flavour-wise, after a few then this might be a good alternative. Pairs well with spicy foods and with lighter flavoured seafood.

Dad-beers: how many is too many?

The name.
A true ‘Kölsch’ (note the umlaut?) should only be brewed in Köln (another umlaut). The clever clogs at 4 Pines get away with their iteration of this classic style by removing the dots over the ‘o’. To further hammer the point, the Kolsch tagline is: “Hand made – Not Hans made”. I hope the German really do have a sense of humour.

The lesson.
We dads need as much simplicity in our lives as is possible, so don’t get too caught up in what’s ‘craft’ and what’s ‘not’. As a community, the beer world is slowly turning away from the term ‘craft’ as we are all coming to the realisation that labels are great for carrying the name and style of a beer but might get a bit confusing when trying to describe the more esoteric or ideological elements of beer. It’s just beer, after all.

The Prof: Pete Mitcham

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